Monday, September 10, 2012

Tough as Nails: Swatches and Review

Hello All,

Today I have some cool Indie Nail polishes to show you! These are Tough as Nails Polishes, and I must say that I that really enjoyed them. I usually don't like glitter toppers, but these I loved. Hmmm, I must be cracking under all the glitter loveliness seeing as I just bought another glitter topper!! Oh well.. I have to branch out and try new things right??

Anyways.. onto the beautiful-ness!

This is 43 Quintillion! 43 Quintillion is a topcoat lacquer. It contains hex glitters all of the colors you might find on a certain cube-shaped game from the 1980s, which happens to have forty-three quintillion combinations. 43 Quintillions is the life of the party -- she's a little bit wild, a little bit mixed up, and is always working to see how high she can get her bangs and how crimped she can get her hair. 

Haha, I love that description, and it is so true! 

I loves all the colors of this glitter, and I decided to layer it over Zoya Dana, to make it pop and really bring out all of the colors! I was going to try it over Revlon Royal, as that seems to be my go to layers polish, but I thought this would look perfect! and it does!

This is one coat of 43 Quintillion over Zoya Dana, along with some top coat to even it all out and make it smooth. It went on super well, and I had no issues at all with the glitter coming out.





Up next we have Not A Plain Jane: Not A Plain Jane is a topcoat lacquer, containing hex glitters in varying shades of white and pink, along with a few white hearts. Not A Plain Jane is named for one of my favorite people. She is sophisticated, feminine, completely fun, and known to sprinkle fairy dust in the lives of those she loves. 

I just love the descriptions that she has of her polishes.. It's just so great!!

I loved this polish, it's so pretty and feminine, and I decided to layer it over Zoya Midori! Which almost makes it look like I have watermelon nails.. Super sweet huh?? It went on well, and I had zero application trouble!

The below pictures are two coats of Not a Plain Jane over Zoya Midori with one coat of Dazzle Dry, to even it all out and make it smooth.




Pretty sweet ehh??

You can find these polishes at her etsy shop here, and keep up with her on facebook here!

You should go snatch these up, they are in stock right now!!

Have a great day!!

*These polishes were sent to me for review, as always all opinions expressed are my own personal thoughts

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