Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nail polish from Flat Iron Experts!

Today I have a few polishes here for you from Flat Iron Experts, found here. Not only do they have amazing Flat Irons, they also had tons of beauty products including nail polish. Brands like Deborah Lippmann and Essie.

The Deborah Lippmann I have here in called "On the Beach." Which is a nice sky blue. Some of you may know this, while others may not, but I am on the search for the Perfect Bright Sky Blue. I see a picture on the internet about how amazing and bright this polish is, and get it home only to see that is is incredibly dusty! I have 5 sky blues at the moment (which I will be doing a comparison on soon!) And none of them are bright enough, this one was no exception.

On The Beach was a bit sheer, and streaky in some places, the below pictures are 4 coats of On the Beach, and one coat of Dazzle Dry Top Coat!

And the polish isn't this bright in real life, it's a bit dusty.. (*sighs*) But still amazingly pretty!





Next Up is Essie Lights, This is a bright neon pink, and went on beautifully. It dried to a semi-matte finish like all neons seems to do, so I finished it up with a coat of Dazzle Dry Top coat!  The below pictures is three coats of Lights!





I hope you guys enjoyed the polish! And make sure to check out Flat Iron Experts! 


**These products were sent to me for review, all opinions expressed are my own honest thoughts. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dr.'s Remedy Summer collection: Swatches and Review

Hello All!

Today I have the summer collection from Dr.'s Remedy for you. Dr.'s Remedy is a brand of nail polish that was made by doctors for you. It is free from toxins and enriched with natural ingredients! This fun shades are good for your nails, and with all the nail polish I wear, that is a good thought for me.

Let's take a look at this fun collection shall we?

First up is Hopeful Hot Pink! This was a great bright pink that every girls needs to have! It's super fun and girly and I loved having it on.The application was super smooth and I have no trouble at all with it. The below pictures are three coats of Hopeful Hot pink, with one coat of Dazzle Dry Top Coat!



Next we have Grateful Grape, which is a beautiful bright purple with a fun shimmer to it. The application on this was one super smooth as well, and it was easy to apply and went on beautifully. The below pictures are three coats of Grateful Grape without top coat, so you can see how shiny it is on it's own!



Next we have Youthful Yellow, which is a gorgeous yellow cream. It leans more banana than lemon in color, but it's so bright and fun and shiny, and it went on really easily. Some other yellows that I own are a pain to apply, but this went on super easily and smooth. The below pictures are three coats of Youthful yellow.




Gorgeous isn't it? I really loved these colors, they were all so bright and perfect for a summer that is filled with bright neons and vivid colors.

You can find Dr.'s Remedy nail polishes online at http://www.remedynails.com. The polishes are $17.00 a bottle, but are well worth the price!

Enjoy, and go snag a few of them!

*These products were sent to me for review, all opinions expressed are my own honest thoughts. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tape Mani!

Hello All!

Today I have a tape mani for you! I haven't done one of those in a while, and it felt good to do one again! Tape Mani's are actually what got me into blogging really, so I sort of feel like I have gone back to my roots!

Okay, So for this mani, I used a base of Sally Hansen's Calypso blue, which was so amazing it got its own post! Than I used a coat of Dazzle Dry top coat, and waited until it was fully dry.

I put tape across my nails, diagonally, and used Petites Zodiac, which is that wonderful purple that you see. I pulled off the tape right away after I painted, that is the trick to getting such perfect lines!

I put on a second coat of Dazzle Dry, waited until that dried fully (About ten minutes or so.. less than that probably) Tape off my nails diagonally again, and added Deborah Lippmann's Don't Tell Mama, which is a super dark blackened teal.. Perfect for my last coat!

Added another coat of Dazzle Dry and voila! There you have it.. and super cute and easy tape mani!

What do you all think?





I hope you all enjoyed the post!! :D

Let me know what you think of it!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zoya Diva Collection, Swatches and Review

Hello All!

This is the last day of my Zoya Fall Collection Review and I think I saved the best for last! This collection was amazing! I loved almost every color.. Almost! I really think Zoya outdid themselves with this collection.

Well, enough of me jabbering on, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I apologize in advance for all the exclamation points, there will probably be a plethora in here.

(Crimson Red Metallic)
Wow, that is all I can say about this color.. just.. Wow! The first stroke across my nail and I was already in love with this color! It is so bright and sparkly. It reminds me of Christmas, on my nails. Or Christmas in General. This is my new favorite go to red, and I already predict I will be buying a back up bottle of this! Application was great, and it barely showed any brush strokes! This was two coats of Elisa!
Thank you Zoya for making me love Red!

(Royal Purple Metallic) 
Yet another stunner, this polish was amazing. Not only was it an amazing color purple, it was super sparkly, and had all sorts of pink and blue shimmer in it. You can sort of see a bit of the sparkle on my ring fingers. As well as brushstrokes.. Yes, this baby was a little brush strokey (Is that even a word? Forgive me grammar Nazi's), but with such a gorgeous color, I am willing to put up with that! This was two coats of Suri.

(Egyptian Blue Metallic with a subtle sparkle)
Oh.My.Gosh. This is the most perfect bright blue in the world! I am in love with this color! So bright, so pretty so sparkly! This is my new favorite go to blue, so expect to see this on the blog more! This color is simply stunning, a must have in every nail polish collection, if I do say so myself! 
Application was a breeze, and this was two coat of amazingness!
Another stunner Zoya! You hit this one out of the park!

(Pine Green Metallic)
After the stunning polishes that are Elisa, Suri and Song; Ray was a total let down. I guess I was expecting the green to be more bright and powerful, more like Ivanka. A nice in your face green, however this was a somewhat plain green. And the application issues I had with it made it even worse. It was a little sheer, and had some serious brush stroke issues. 
So sad. This is three coats of Ray

(Magic Blue Foil Sparkle Metallic)
To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed by FeiFei. Maybe it was the fact that the sparkle wasn't quite enough for me, or the shade of  blue wasn't right.. But I did not like this color. It was also a little sheer as well, I used three coats here, but I think I could have done four to be on the safe side. 

(Magic Violet Foil Sparkle Metallic)
This polish was amazing! I liked it so much better than FeiFei, the color was amazing. I loved the purple, and the golden sparkles? Fantastic! This also had a great application, and I used three coats of Daul. I would highly suggest having this polish in your nail wardrobe! It's so fun and sparkly.  

And there we have the Zoya Diva Collection! I really think that Zoya has outdone their selves with this! My favorites were Elisa, Suri, Daul and my ultimate favorite is Song!!

All of these polishes are available now at Zoya.com for $8.00 a bottle! Which ones are you going to get? Let me know!!

*These products were sent to me for review, all opinions expressed are my own honest thoughts. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zoya Gloss Collection: Swatches and Review

Hello all!

Here is the second part of the Zoya Fall collection, the Gloss collection!

This a collection of three build able Jelly polishes! If you know me, you know I love Jelly's so I am a big fan of this collection!

Let's take a peek shall we?

(Sheer Berry Red Jelly Gloss)

I Loved this color! It's such a pretty berry color, and while I was dipping the brush in the bottle it almost looked like lip gloss! Almost! And no, I didn't put any on my lips! This was a very pretty sheer jelly. The first coat went on nearly sheer, but it built up pretty nicely! Look how nice and squishy that is? It would make a great jelly sandwich!
This was 4 coats of Paloma

(Sheer Aubergine Jelly Gloss, a Peter Som custom Shade)
This one was just sort of Meh, for me. I had issues with the color, which I wasn't a fan of, and Issues with the application, it tended to drag and streak as you can clearly see in the pictures.
This is 5 coats of Katherine

(Sheer Teal Blue Jelly Gloss)
I loved this color!! Of course, I might be a bit biased, seeing as I love blue so much, but this color was fantastic! And the application was really good as well. No dragging or streaking, just four coats of a super fun teal color!
Though, it looks more teal in real life, my camera wanted to turn it more blue for some odd reason.

So what did you think of the Gloss Collection? I really liked Paloma and Friday, Katherine not so much!

These are available now on Zoya.com for $8.00, so run on over there and pick yourself up some!

*These products were sent to me for review, all opinions expressed are my own honest thoughts. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Zoya Designer Collection, Swatches and Review!

Hello All,

I know you have probably seen these swatches all over the blogisphere.. But now it is my turn to shower you  with swatches of these amazing Zoya Fall Collections! Today I have for you the Designer collection, which is full of rich and deep creams!

Who doesn't love a good cream? Let's jump in shall we?

First up we have:


(A Blood Red Cream from the Bibhu Mohapatra Collection)
Now, I don't normally go for Red's, but this color was super pretty. It's a bright red cream that goes on smoothly and wonderfully. Be careful when painting your nails though, any mistakes will stain your fingers!
The above picture is two coats.

(Dark Maroon Cream)
When I first put this color on, I actually wan't too impressed, I thought it was a bit too dark for me. But as I kept on wearing it, I kept looking down at my nails and really liking what I was seeing. I almost felt, sophisticated wearing this polish. This is a nice dark cream color, it's darker in real life, and less pink. My camera freaked out a bit when it saw it!
This was 3 coats of Toni, and I had no trouble at all with the application

(Dark Mulberry Purple Creme)
This was an okay color to me, it's not a bad color, it just doesn't do much for me! I am not really a purple fan! The application was good though, this was 3 easy coats of Monica.

(A Smoked Navy Blue Cream)
Smoked is right, I usually love blues, they are my favorite color of nail polish, but I don't really care for dusty colors. And this one was straight up dusty! It was a nice slate blue, but it's not for me! 
The application was great though, as it has been with all the Designer collection! This was three easy coats of Natty.

(Evergreen Green Cream, A Peter Som custom shade)
Am I the only one who thinks of the Pokemon Eevee when I see this name? Okay, so maybe I am alone in that, but this didn't seem like an evergreen cream to me.. It was more like a grayed out green color.. It is in fact super close to Noot, which is the last in the Designer collection, (But certainly not least!) This was okay to me, good application, 2 coats.. but a little to dusty for my taste. 


(Charcoal Green Gray Cream)
I am not so sure about the green, but I did get the deep gray on my nails! Which I Loved! I wasn't expecting to love this color, but I did! It's light enough to not be black, but still dark enough to be a good fall color, I wore this one for two days! It had a great application and went on in three easy coats..

So, there you have it, the Designer Collection! My Favorites were Rekha, Toni and Noot! 

Tell me what are your favorites from this collection?? 

This is available now at Zoya.com for $8.00 a bottle! Which ones will you be snatching up?? 

Stay tuned for the Gloss and Diva Collection!

*These products were sent to me for review, all opinions expressed are my own honest thoughts. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sally Hansen's Calypso Blue

Hello All!

So this nail polish has been sitting in my untried's now for about two months! I saw it in CVS while I was on vacation, picked it up, brought it home.. stuck in on my untried shelf, and let it collect dust.

I picked it up a few days ago, put it one and looked at it.. Why in the world was this is my untried's for so long? It's so beautiful! It's such a gorgeous bright blue with a lighter aqua/green shimmer!

I seriously put this on and was just staring at my nails! I almost didn't want to put any nail art over it like I had planned, (I did anyways, but that is for a later post!) I am not sure if this is still in stores, but if it is, you need to run to Walgreens or CVS and pick this baby up!

The below pictures is three coats of Sally Hansen's Calypso Blue, and one coat of the amazing Dazzle Dry Top Coat! It went on well, the application was pretty smooth, the only complaint I had was the huge brush! I have tiny nails.. Tiny nails and large brushes don't mix well, but for this polish I made an exception.. wouldn't you?


So pretty!!! What do you all think? Do you have an untried that surprised you? Let me know!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Try it on Tuesday! butter London: The Black Knight!

Hello All! I am so sorry I missed last weeks Try it on Tuesday. I threw my neck out and was in pain all week. Thankfully it is getting better and I am getting back to painting my nails.

Here is my Try it on Tuesday.. butter London's the Black Knight!!  One of the amazing ladies in my Birthday club got it for me, and I seriously squealed when I opened the package, I have been lemming this polish so hard. I even had it in my hand at Ulta a few months back and put it down.. and walked out of the store! Gah. No buys are frustrating.

But now I have it! And of course I used it right away. In fact I put it on right at work, and didn't even wait to get home.

The Black knight is an amazing Black polish packed with glitter. I could see blue, pink and silver glitter, and man did this thing sparkle in the sun!

The polish went on pretty well, it was a bit streaky, so the below pictures are three coats of The Black Knight with two coats of Dazzle Dry Top coat to make it all smooth and shiny!

Feel Free to drool :D



Soo beautiful!! :D Don't you think?? Thank you soo much Heidi!
 Check out the other people who are doing try it on Tuesday with me!

Beauty Gnome

Monday, July 16, 2012

KBShimmer: The Square

Hello All!
Today I have an indie for you! YAY! I know many of your comments from my last giveaway said you wanted to see Indie swatches. I apologize that I haven't had too many Indies up, but I honestly don't have that many! They are pretty hard to come by! I do have tons on my wish list though :D And Hopefully, once I get off my no buy, I will me getting some more!

Anyways, on to the polish! This is KBShimmers The Square! I got this from an amazing girl in my Birthday group!! Thank you Sunny!! :D

This is a beautiful purple leaning pink jelly with several different sizes and colors of Square Glitter! In real life this has a bit more pink in it, but for some reason my camera did not want to pick up any of it and turned it super purple!

Did I mention the square glitter?? It is soo amazing! I love square glitter, and glitter in jelly polish! And this polish is perfect! It went on very well too. I had no trouble at all getting the glitter to come out and play.

The below is three coats of The Square, and one coat of Dazzle Dry Top Coat. Now, since it is a jelly, it does show a bit of VNL, but that doesn't bother me, and truthfully in real life it wasn't very visible at all.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Gorgeous isn't it?  You can fined KBShimmer's facebook here and her website Here! So go, go, go and order one of her amazing polishes, and while your at it.. grab me a bottle of Cheerleader and Watercolor! :D

Have a good day! :D

Friday, July 13, 2012

Dazzle Dry Calypso Romance Swatches and Review

Hello All!
Today I have a post for you all about Dazzle Dry!

Dazzle Dry is Vegan, and is 3 free, and it is also nitrocellulose Free. It also offers UV protection for your nails. You can also use it on natural or Acrylic nails! This really is a system for everyone. 

Dazzle Dry has a pretty amazing three step system for a long lasting manicure. Called the Dazzle Dry Nail System.

 Step one, a nail cleaner, to make sure your nails are ready for your nail polish. Step two, a sticky base coat to make your nail polish stays on, and Step three a super fast drying top coat to put on after your nail polish.

I really liked the system. The nail prep is really nice, it's easy to use and just a few drops on a cotton ball and then a few swipes over your nail, and the surface is prepped. The base coat, I had some issues with, only because I have ridged nails. I was born with them, so I need a good ridge filling base coat, not a normal one. However, I am sure if you have nice smooth nails, the base coat will work perfectly for you.

I am going to rave about the top coat for a bit, before I get to the nail polish, which was amazing by the way.

Their Top Coat is out of this world! Seriously, I think I found my new favorite top coat! It doesn't smear, it doesn't shrink, it keeps your mani nice and glossy and it doesn't smell! Seche Vite and Poshe smell awful, but Dazzle Dry doesn't smell, and it dries super fast! I was doing a tape mani last night, and it only took about 5 minutes to be able to tape over my freshly painted nails!

I am in love!

Okay, now onto the Polish!

This is Calypso Romance, and it is super amazing! It is a nice pinkish purple color with a blue flash, and let me tell you, it seriously glowed on my nails! I loved it! It does dry to a satin finish, so I put on a top coat to make it all nice and shiny

The below pictures are 3 Coats of Calypso romance and one coat of Dazzle Dry Top Coat.




Amazing isn't it? You can Find Dazzle Dry at their Website or their Facebook page. Make sure to head on over there!

Have a great day!


*These products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own honest thoughts of the product.