Thursday, October 28, 2010


I love to write, its part of who I am.. Just like I love Snow, the color Blue, Mickey Mouse, Mc Donalds M&M Mc Flurries, The Giants. All of those are just me.. And you find it out all those things quickly. Its just me. Just like how much I love my husband, Cat and little bear. Its inherently me.

As is writing. I love to write, to create story to lose myself in the characters to make their lives end up happy. 
Lately I haven't been able to do much of that, especially writing with other people. Due to the fact that they actually have lives.. and school and friends. :)

I have a life too, don't get me wrong. I have an amazing husband, and a great job. I am just in a different part of my life than they are.

I miss it though, it was.. a distraction for me. I didn't have to think about my homesickness when I was writing, or how lonely it can be up here.Don't get me wrong, I love being with Josh, Just some times I would like to hang out with my friends or family.. That is what I mean by lonely.. Last weekend I was staring that in the face. And it wasn't fun.

So I started to write on my own, A New story, not the one that I had posted here, but a new one. I also finished writing my old story. 2 years and 80,000 words later.. It is finally finished!! The ending sucks and I will have to go re-write it. But at least it is done and I can move onto my next one.

The main characters are :Ayano- a princess with an unusual power.
Kyan-( pronounced  Cayenne like the pepper) Ayano's twin brother
Xander- The town doctor.

It should be interesting...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Concerning Bears.

*clears throat*
Hmm Hmm.. Okay. So Beary, wants to write a blog post. He saw me doing it, and he thought it would be pretty fun. So.. without further adieu .. Here he is :

Hai! I am Beary Jeffers, I am nine months old and have two awesome parents.

Mommy writes in this thing a lot. So I thought I would try (with her help of course). First of all, I must start out by saying.. HONEY IS AWESOME!!! Everyone should go and try some, but not too much otherwise there won't be any left for me! *giggles*

So I am going to this awesome bear school, to learn how to be a big and feriocous , umm very scary bear! Yeah! And it is so awesome! We have learned about Bear history, and Bear literature, and now we are learning about bears in the media. We got to watch Pooh Bear last week, and soon My teacher says we get to watch Care Bears! I am so excited. I have some great friends, theyre names are Blackbeary and Bluebeary, and a few weeks ago they came over to my house for a sleepover.

It was so great! Mommy made us honey pancakes, and we watched some more Pooh Bear, and we stayed up late trying to put honey in Kevin's fur.. Though Mommy caught us.. but it was still fun! I went over to Blackbearies house last week.. but I got scared and had to come home half way through the night. Daddy had to come and get me. I was a lil embarrassed but Mommy and Daddy were awesome about it, and Mommy said she missed me, so she was glad I came home.

I have an awesome Mommy and Daddy. Daddy helps me wif my bear homework. Especially the Math problems. I don't like taking honey away from things.  But I like adding honey! More honey is always better than less honey. And Yesterday, They said it was "Take your bear to work day." So I went wif them to work. It was so awesome! I helped Daddy pick products to send to people, and I helped Mommy answer e-mails from people with questions about Honey!

I have to say a lil about Kev Kev. She can be annoying and she bites toooo hard but a few days ago when I was sick wif a Bear cold and my Bear tummy hurt, she was so nice to me. She even caught me a fish for breakfast and made me laugh. So.. she is not all bad. I still would have liked to put honey in her fur.

Well.. I am going to go now, I have lots of Bear homework to do, since I missed two days of Bear school.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So here I am sitting at work, taking my lunch break, and I have this.. incredible urge to write.
I either want to post, seeing as I have some awesome ideas for a few that I have, or I want to write a story.. Or something.

I want to create, to write, to make a story. But of course.. I can't at the moment as Work calls and I have no idea what a story would be about.

Though Posting would be fun as Well.. Ehh Wendy? :P

As for life..

Things are better.. I have been happier the past few days, and I think it is due to praying in the morning. God is taking care of me, and though I don't have any clue about his plan for us here. I am excited to find out.

Another thing that has been on my mind lately, is the subject of children. I have been around many pregnant women lately as well as Women who have small children, and while the children are adorable. I find myself again, not wanting to have any. I think of my life with Josh, and right now I am perfectly happy with it just being him and I and Kevin, and perhaps a puppy later on.

Its so odd really, seeing as before we moved I thought I could be pregnant and I was really excited about it. And disappointed that I wasn't.  Maybe now that I am up here.. and alone with Josh.. with no family or friends around, I am starting to think that wouldn't be an idea.

Perhaps I am not ready for one yet.. I am not sure. But I will continue to pray about this. Though, come to think of it. I am not quite sure why I was so scared about being pregnant. God wouldn't give me anything that I could not handle with his help and Josh's. And I am sure.. that I couldn't handle a baby at the moment.

Not to mention hearing stories about giving birth!! I wish there was a way where they could put me out totally and I could wake up with a Baby.. that would be helpful :D

Well, I gotta go.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Redefining Normal

It is a phrase that has been spewing from our Mouths endlessly. "I wish things would just go back to Normal." We say it in an offhanded way, like the words could suddenly transport us back to "normal". But as I was thinking of this phrase, I knew that things could never go back to normal again.

For you see, "Normal" for us has changed. Normal used to be living in Redding, dealing with the heat, hanging out with Friends and Family, the beautiful view as we drove up to our apartment, working in Andy's Garage, Kc packing, going to school, working in the writing center, girls nights, hanging out with Wendy.. and long lazy weekends playing Video games and posting. That was Normal, California was normal. Life was Normal.

But now, here.. Things are anything but Normal. We don't work in a garage anymore but in a warehouse, which is a step up from the former arrangement. We do live in a nicer apartment, which is a step up, but we also live on the third floor, which... Sucks! Horribly! There is no beautiful view from here, in fact Tacoma is pretty ugly. Parts of it are pretty, and I want to live there. There is no school, no writing center, no girls nights, (though the girls got me a webcam so I can Skype and go to girls night) No hanging out with Wendy, no Redding and no California.
There is also no heat, which is nice, but.. odd. Very odd. It was 80 degrees here one day and everyone was complaining that it was hot.. I just blinked at them.

So, now I have to adapt to a new normal. A Normal that is in ways better than the former and in ways.. worse. I am dealing with this new norm and slowly.. slowly starting to adjust. I am still homesick, but things here are getting better.

Though some days, there are times in my heart where I wish.. "Things would just go back to Normal."

Monday, October 4, 2010

A little story beginning..

So, I have had this idea for a story beginning stuck in my head for awhile, so I thought I would share it.

The night was dark and still, and the woods stood silent underneath the cloudy sky. The moon would show her face occasionally trying to break through her cloudy shield, but eventually gave up and mantled herself with dark clouds.

The night was perfect for the figure that was stealing through the night like a shadow. It had raced through the woods like a silent thief, leaving no trace of its passing.  The figure was garbed in dark colors in order to blend in to its surroundings better. A cloak shrouded the figure and the hood was pulled up to hide its face.

The figured darted in and out of the shadows of the trees and suddenly paused as it passed a certain tree. It looked up and then back at the path which it had come from, as though it were trying to count the trees. Apparently the silent shadow figured out what it needed for it turned right and started to run quickly again. The figure ran for several more minutes, deep into the heart of the woods. It turned left, and then right darting in and out of the soft shadows before..

The figure slowed and then stopped, it slowly approached what looked to be a very large tree. It was easily three hundred feet hide and nearly fifty feet wide. Its bark was dark and withered as though it had been alive for many years. She walked up to a knot and pressed it.

Suddenly the tree seemed to have sprung a seam, and a gently leak peaked out from the crack, which grew wider and wider. The figure slipped inside and swiftly shut the door.

"You are late." The figure looked up to see a soldier standing there with a smile on his face.

"I am sorry about that, I got lost." The figure threw back its hood, revealing pale white skin, pointed ears, dark black hair and bright purple eyes. The girl smiled as the soldier motioned her into the camp, which was cleverly hidden in the tree trunk. "Kale is waiting."

"Than take me to him." The girl smiled and followed the soldier into the camp.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Blog # 2

Its Friday evening, and I am sitting here waiting for people to post and watching Josh clip his toenails.

Yes I know, I live such a crazy life don't I?

I really can't believe that it is already October. Where did the last month go? It seems like just yesterday that we moved up here and now.. We have been up here for about 3ish weeks or so.

My homesickness is still there, though at times it seems to be getting better. Other times it seems to be getting worse. Weekends are the hardest, because those would be the times where we would go out and see family and friends. Now.. there is no one to visit and.. I get sad. I miss people!

A bit of good news though, Josh and I want to come to Redding for Thanksgiving, so that is exciting! :D
I will get to see everyone hopefully, and then hope that Anneliese can do my hair when I am down there. (Cause I miss my A-line and my blue.. I miss my blue :D)

*sighs* Oh well, time to wrap this thing up, perhaps next blog I will have something more positive to say?