Monday, October 4, 2010

A little story beginning..

So, I have had this idea for a story beginning stuck in my head for awhile, so I thought I would share it.

The night was dark and still, and the woods stood silent underneath the cloudy sky. The moon would show her face occasionally trying to break through her cloudy shield, but eventually gave up and mantled herself with dark clouds.

The night was perfect for the figure that was stealing through the night like a shadow. It had raced through the woods like a silent thief, leaving no trace of its passing.  The figure was garbed in dark colors in order to blend in to its surroundings better. A cloak shrouded the figure and the hood was pulled up to hide its face.

The figured darted in and out of the shadows of the trees and suddenly paused as it passed a certain tree. It looked up and then back at the path which it had come from, as though it were trying to count the trees. Apparently the silent shadow figured out what it needed for it turned right and started to run quickly again. The figure ran for several more minutes, deep into the heart of the woods. It turned left, and then right darting in and out of the soft shadows before..

The figure slowed and then stopped, it slowly approached what looked to be a very large tree. It was easily three hundred feet hide and nearly fifty feet wide. Its bark was dark and withered as though it had been alive for many years. She walked up to a knot and pressed it.

Suddenly the tree seemed to have sprung a seam, and a gently leak peaked out from the crack, which grew wider and wider. The figure slipped inside and swiftly shut the door.

"You are late." The figure looked up to see a soldier standing there with a smile on his face.

"I am sorry about that, I got lost." The figure threw back its hood, revealing pale white skin, pointed ears, dark black hair and bright purple eyes. The girl smiled as the soldier motioned her into the camp, which was cleverly hidden in the tree trunk. "Kale is waiting."

"Than take me to him." The girl smiled and followed the soldier into the camp.

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