Sunday, October 10, 2010

Redefining Normal

It is a phrase that has been spewing from our Mouths endlessly. "I wish things would just go back to Normal." We say it in an offhanded way, like the words could suddenly transport us back to "normal". But as I was thinking of this phrase, I knew that things could never go back to normal again.

For you see, "Normal" for us has changed. Normal used to be living in Redding, dealing with the heat, hanging out with Friends and Family, the beautiful view as we drove up to our apartment, working in Andy's Garage, Kc packing, going to school, working in the writing center, girls nights, hanging out with Wendy.. and long lazy weekends playing Video games and posting. That was Normal, California was normal. Life was Normal.

But now, here.. Things are anything but Normal. We don't work in a garage anymore but in a warehouse, which is a step up from the former arrangement. We do live in a nicer apartment, which is a step up, but we also live on the third floor, which... Sucks! Horribly! There is no beautiful view from here, in fact Tacoma is pretty ugly. Parts of it are pretty, and I want to live there. There is no school, no writing center, no girls nights, (though the girls got me a webcam so I can Skype and go to girls night) No hanging out with Wendy, no Redding and no California.
There is also no heat, which is nice, but.. odd. Very odd. It was 80 degrees here one day and everyone was complaining that it was hot.. I just blinked at them.

So, now I have to adapt to a new normal. A Normal that is in ways better than the former and in ways.. worse. I am dealing with this new norm and slowly.. slowly starting to adjust. I am still homesick, but things here are getting better.

Though some days, there are times in my heart where I wish.. "Things would just go back to Normal."

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