Friday, December 2, 2011

Gold Tips..

So.. I had planned to paint my nails last night when I got home from work. My previous mani was in shreds after a super stressful couple of days. (I had chewed most of it off) But Josh and I came home, and pretty much went right to sleep.

So I did my nails today!

This is two coats of OPI's Diva of Geneva.. I LOVE this color! It's more magenta in real life. The pictures make it look pretty purple.

After I painted the base coat and added my top coat.. I taped off my tips and added Orlys. Glitz and Glamour

I just love the gold and pink combo! I think Gold Tips might be my new favorite thing!

That's it for now! I hope you all had a great week!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Zelda nails!

Soo, I found my Camera Cord!

And now onto my pictures. These are my Zelda nails. For those of you who don't know, Zelda is a video game, and my husband is super into it! I love watching him play so I thought I would support him and have.. Triforce nails! This is three coats of Wet and Wilds SaGreena the Teenage witch, and the Triforces on my nails are Orly's  Glitz and Glamour.

I painted my nails with three coats of SaGreena, applied a basic top coat.. waited for it to try and then put on a tape stencil that my husband made for me, and Ta-Dah! Zelda nails!

Yes, I know there are no designs on my pinky nail.. I have super tiny hands and the stencil we made, just wouldn't fit!

Until next time!

Start of a Chapter.

So I have decided to turn this blog into my.. nail blog!

Yes, I know there are many out there, but I would really love to share my voice in this world as well. I used to love nail polish. When I was in my teens, I would paint my nails all the time. But I grew older and somehow grew out of the habit. All of old polishes "dried out" and I grew up.

Now, at 28 I am starting to get back into the habit of painting nails! I went onto Pintrest and was inspired by two nail blogs. and These ladies are amazing, and of course I have nothing on them.. But I am trying!

Here are some things that you will and won't see on this blog.

You won't see:

  • Flakies, holo's or stamping plates. Not because I don't want them, but because I don't have any yet :(
  • Perfection. I am not perfect, and neither are my nails! 
  • Many sunlight pictures. I live in Tacoma, Wa. The sun doesn't show its self here much. 
  • Crackles. I am sorry, but I don't like them, or the way they look. Them and magnetic polishes.. 
  • Neutral colors. I am just not into wearing dull colors on my nails. I like bright, bold and fun colors.. 
Things you will see.

  • Many Blue nail polishes! I love the color blue and tend to gravitate towards that color. Same with pinks, and purples!
  • Attempts at tape mani's. I do try to put some funky patterns on every now and then.. 
  • Myself having fun! I love nail polish, and I hope you all will as well!
Thank you all for reading! I will have a new post up as soon as my camera decides it want's to upload my pictures.. Otherwise you might have to suffer with me through some camera pics!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

More things that rattle on in my head :D

I have kinda gotten stuck on this story.. Perhaps you all could help me :D

Though it was the middle of the afternoon, the sky was dark. Heavy, fat black clouds hung over the landscape, eager to drench the ground with their payload. They heeded nothing from the ground far below them and did not care as they started to slowly release the water that had been building up in them. The clouds saw the white dot racing across the field below them but they paid it no attention. A sharp crack of thunder resounded over the plains, echoing over the hills that boarded the little valley. A Flash soon lit up the afternoon sky, and then another and another. The clouds were unleashing their fury down upon the little valley, much to the chagrin of the figure who so desperately wanted to escape.

Ayano was flying across the Plains of Veshia, her dark hair was plastered to her face and her silver eyes shone as she urged her white Stallion onward. “Come on Moonlight, just a little further.” She urged the frightened beast. Flash after Flash lit up their way. Soon the hills were singing with thunder, and the horse could take it no longer. A loud crack sounded right in front of the two escapees and the sky lit up for a second. Illuminating a tree that had strayed into their path. Moonlight reared and Ayano could no longer hold onto the slippery mane of her steed. She slipped off, and landed face down in the mud.

She slowly levered herself up, her beautiful pale face now covered with dark oozing mud. “Moonlight.. Its..” But she never got to finish her sentence, for another breathtaking bolt of lighting had descended from the cloud to the ground, and right into the body of the young girl. A scream sounded throughout the hills, softly echoed by the thunder of the fading storm. Ayano slumped down into the now sizzling mud around her, a metallic taste in her mouth and pounding in her head. “Ohhh..” She cried out softly as she fell once more face down into the thick wet earth and let the blackness overtake her for a moment.

Kyan had watched the gathering storm with fear, for he knew who raced out into the plains. And once he heard the booming of the rolling thunder he knew he could stay put no longer. Despite his promise he knew he had to go after her.

Once he was racing across the drenched plains, he knew he had made the right decision for the wind carried a scream to him, and he urged his horse faster, paying no heed to  the wind and rain that lashed his face and soaked his clothes.

It only took his horse a few minutes to find the fallen maiden, and Kyan slid down of the midnight steed and sunk into the mud next to the girl. “Ayano..” The boy breathed quietly, his hands hovering around her still form, unsure of what to do. “What..” He started to say .. But his hands suddenly went down and grabbed the girl by her shoulders gently turning her around.

He let out a sigh if relief as he saw the girl breathing and he leaned his head against hers briefly. “Ayano..” He said softly, as he cleared the mud off her pale, clear skin. “Ayano.. Come on wake up.” He said gently shaking her still body.

The girl let out a soft groan and slowly her eyes opened, their silver depth ssurrounded by a heavy fringe of lashes. It took a moment for her to focus on the face above her, but when she did, she let out a soft cry and soon her arms had gone around the male figure holding him tightly. “Kyan.. I thought I told you to stay home.” She whispered into his ear, but the words were uttered in a grateful way.

“Well, you did tell me to stay home, but it’s a good thing I never listen to you. “ Kyan smiled and he pulled back a little to look at the face that was so like his own, albeit at the moment it was caked with mud. “ Are you okay Aya?” he asked as he brushed a dark tendril of hair from her face.

Ayano made a face, and she grimaced a little as she pulled away from Kyan, she could still taste the strange metallic tinge in her mouth, and the air around her seemed to be alive, and crackling, but other than that. She felt fine. She tested her limbs a bit, and other than some slight stiffness, she seemed to be in perfect working order. “I think I am okay Ky.. I thought I was hit by lightening, but I must have been mistaken.” She brushed  hands across her face and grimaced when they encountered caked on mud. “Goodness Ky.. Why didn’t you tell me that I looked a mess.”

But Kyan ignored his sisters vanity and blinked at her words. “You were.. What?” He asked as he put his hands up to her face and forced her to look at him. “Aya.. Do not mess around with me, are you telling me.. That you were hit by lightening?” He asked looking into her silver eyes.

Aya looked at her brother for a moment and she shrugged. “I think so? But I am fine now! Look!” she said as she stood up, and moved around. Nothing seemed to be out of place and she felt fine. Better than fine actually, she felt amazing. She looked around and then up at the angry looking sky, and then she glanced about for Moonlight, the horse must of bolted while she had been sleeping.

Ky shook his head, “I don’t care if you are fine, you need to go to see  Xander at once, I mean it Aya, otherwise I will tell Dad about your little outing.”
Aya turned around swiftly, her hands on her hips. “You wouldn’t dare!”
“I would dare, your safety is my utmost concern right now.”
“And what part of telling Father is for my safety?”
Kyan paused for a moment, “Please Aya.. I don’t want you to get hurt, please come back to the castle and go have Xander check you out.”
Aya shook her head. “No, there is no way I am going back there, not to Father, not to Xander and not to you. Besides, you know what Father will do to me if he knew I tried to run away again.”
“Aya, please do this for me, I will protect you this time I promise, and so will Xander, we will keep you safe.”
Aya crossed her arms and looked at the bleak scenery around her. There would be no way she could make it through the mountains by nightfall on foot. Now that Moonlight was gone, it was hopeless. She sighed as her swung her mud encrusted face towards her brother. “Fine, I will go, but if he lays one finger on me.. I am gone.” She sighed softly, knowing that there wasn’t much anyone could do.
“I am sorry Aya, but I think you owe it not only to Xander and  me, but to all of the Kingdom, what if they woke in the morning and found their beloved Princess had fled. What would that do to the Kingdom?” He asked as he slowly rose to his feet and whistled for his stallion.
“I don’t owe anything to Xander, I swear I could lay dying on his table and he would barely notice.”
“Ohh, I am sure he would notice, that is his job you know.”
Ayano stuck her tongue out at her twin brother and shook her head, “Fine, fine.. Lets get going before Father gets back from the council in Vah.”
Kyan shook his head and hopped up on his stallion Midnight, and lowered a hand for his sister. Once she was safely behind him he spoke softly to his horse and soon the three of them were careening across the plains.

It only took about fifteen minutes for them to get back to the main city, but somehow the ride felt much quicker to Ayano. She was dreading returning to the Castle, and yet.. Somehow she couldn’t help but smile as its stone walls rose high above them. This had been her home for as long as she could remember, and although at times it seemed like a prison, it still held many fond memories. Though those memories had faded as time had passed. She pulled herself out of her reverie as Kyan halted Midnight. She blinked and held onto his waist tightly, as a few guards came up to them, disapproving looks on their faces.
“Kyan, Ayano, the King will not be happy to learn that the two of you were out in the storm.” One of them said, Ayano happened to know that his name was James.
“You should know by now that Ayano always goes out for her afternoon ride. The storm came up so swiftly, and Moonlight got spooked.” Kyan gestured to the stable, where Moonlight was eating. Aya gasped slightly as she saw her horse but she kept quiet, wondering if Kyan had know that Moonlight was here all along.  “When I saw Moonlight, I knew that Ayano would need a ride back.” He looked at the guards for a moment. “She needs to be seen by a Doctor, so I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t say anything to our Father about this.”
Ayano was pleased to notice that the guard looked somewhat ashamed and he let them pass with no more than a nod in their direction. She had to laugh a little as soon as they were out of earshot. “Did you know that Moonlight was here?” She asked him,
“No, I only noticed when I saw him eating, though I figured he would have gone home when he bolted.”
“You are a very smart man, I am so glad you are my brother.”
“Why thank you, I know.”
Ayano stuck her tongue out at Kyan and Midnight headed into his stall and they slipped off his back gently. Despite her earlier protests of feeling fine, now she felt tired and very weak.
“I think I might need to go see Xander.” She admitted softly as she put her hand out to steady herself on the wall of the stables.
“Are you okay?”
“I think soo.. I just feel a little…” Aya trailed off as she closed her eyes, and her mind seemed to focus on getting to Xander. She needed to have him check her out, and make sure she was okay. Her eyes fluttered open….
Instead of seeing her brothers concerned face, or Midnight, or even the dark wood of the stable walls. She was staring up at a tall dark haired man, who looked like he was in shock to see her there. She was no longer in a stable, but in a dark paneled room lined with books. Xanders study in the castle.

Xander stumbled back in surprise as Ayano suddenly appeared in front of him. He had been putting a book back on the shelf, and then poof.. There she was. She just appeared.
“Princess?” He asked with a surprised expression,
Despite her shock at what had just happened her mouth turned down in disgust. “Honestly.. Alexander, how many times have I told you to not call me that.” She said with a roll of her pretty eyes. She tossed her head a little in annoyance but the movement made the room start to spin and she put her hand out. “Ohhhh..”
“What happened? You need to sit down..” Xander was suddenly all business, as he carefully ushered the seemingly ill girl toward a large wingback leather chair that was in his study. “How did you find me.. And how did you..”
Xander’s words were cut off as they heard urgent footsteps running towards them and then with a bang the door burst open and Kyan stood there panting a little a shocked look on his face. “Aya! How did you do that? One minute I was looking at you, the next minute you were gone..” He crossed the room and knelt by Ayano for a moment, placing a hand on her pale yet mud stained cheek.
Ayano was in shock, and as she looked up at the two men, she just gave a weak shrug and sank back into the comfort of the chair. Her mind was spinning, and she really had no idea of what was going on, or what she was going to do.
“Kyan! Tell me what happened.. Now!” Xander demanded as he crossed the room, and sat on the edge of the desk eyeing the two siblings carefully. He couldn’t see any blood on Ayano, which was good. That meant that.. He shook his head and sighed as Kyan started to speak.
“She tried to run away again, but the storm stopped her. Moonlight got spooked and from what I gathered threw her face down into the mud. I found her a few minutes later, but.. Ayano mentioned that she got hit by lightening sometime before I got there. I saw a bright flash and thought I heard a scream on the wind, but I assumed it was just the storm..”
Xander’s eyes went wide, “I heard the same scream, I also assumed it was the howl of the storm, but looking back I thought the scream sounded familiar.” He had heard it so many times before, how could he not of recognized it. He looked at Aya who was sitting there with a dazed expression on her face and he sighed softly as he moved off the edge of his deck and knelt before the princess. He took a small flashlight out of his pocket and waved it in front of her eyes. Her pupils were reacting a little slowly, and he frowned a little. “We need to get her to bed, I will need to watch her, but I think all she needs is a little rest for now.”
“Fine, she needs rest, but what about.. What she just did? She just disappeared and reappeared in here, that.. Just doesn’t happen.”
“Well, if she did get hit by lightening, who knows how it could of affected her. I will question her more when she is feeling better, and we can see if we can try it out a little, perhaps learn about it. But right now..” Xander pointed down to Aya, who was now slumped down in the chair. “She needs rest.”
“I’ll get her.” Kyan gently leaned over and picked up his sister, “Lets get her to her room.” He said with a soft sigh and the two men walked out of Xanders study.
“Your Father isn’t home is he?”
“No, he won’t be home for a few days. Hence her escape attempt.”
“One of these days he is going to find out about all these attempts of hers to get away, and when he does..”
“I know.. I don’t even want to think about it. I wish there was some way we could..”
“I know, I do as well.” The Doctor sighed as he ran a hand through his spiky brown hair and squeezed his blue eyes shut for a moment. “Is there any options?” He asked as the two men rounded a corner and headed up a wide marble staircase.
“Perhaps a..”
“Already been discussed, father wouldn’t go for it.”
A muscle twitched in Xanders cheek as Kyan spoke and he sighed as he looked down at the pale mud stained girl in Kyan’s arms. The turned another corner and padded down a long hall that was lined with blue plush carpet. “She is safe for now.”
“Yes, but how long is that going to last?” Kyan asked as he pushed a door open with his foot, and they entered Ayano’s bedroom.
“We need to get her cleaned up, and into bed.” Xander looked around for any of Aya’s maids.
“I’ll go call for Gloria, she will do it.” Kyan smiled as he set Ayano on her bed and swiftly left the room.
Xander sighed as he sat down on Ayano’s bed and studied the princess. She was so tiny, and fair. At least where there wasn’t any mud caked on her skin. Her long dark hair cascaded in waves onto her pillow and her dark eyelashes combed her cheeks as she slept. His eyes moved upwards to the picture of the royal family that was hanging in her bedroom and he sighed softly, as he looked at the King and Queen, both of whom were smiling down at him, and then his gaze strayed to the twins. Kyan and Ayano were both laughing happily, as they sat on their mother’s lap. It was the picture of a perfect family.  A small smirk twisted his lips, and he shook his head, moving his gaze from the picture down to the girl laying asleep before him.
That picture had been taken in happier days. Days that were long past, and were probably never to return again. He looked back up to the portrait and sighed softly, noticing how alike the girl on the bed and the Queen looked. Nearly Identical, though the Queen had bright green eyes and Ayano had gray. That was the only difference, they both had the same thick, wavy, dark hair, the same pale skin, the same small stature and the same smile. Such a warm smile, with pretty bow lips and white, even teeth. It was remarkable, and yet such a curse at the same time.
He shook his head, and started to check the Princess over, making sure that everything was okay. All of her vitals seemed to be normal, but he was still going to stay the night, just to make sure she was okay.
He was just finishing up his examination when Kyan walked back into the room followed by a short, round lady with a kind face.
“Gloria, how nice it is to see you.”
“And you Master Xander, how is Mistress Ayano?”
“I think she will be okay, she is just exhausted and needs to rest. Will you be so kind as to wash her and get her ready for bed? Kyan and I will wait outside.”
“Of course Master Xander, you and Master Kyan go outside, I shall have Mistress Ayano ready in no time.”  Gloria smiled as she ushered the boys out of the room, and the door shut with a soft click.
Kyan slumped against the door and sighed heavily, “You said she will be okay?”
“Yes, she will be okay with some rest. She will be back yelling at me in no time.”
“And I bet we can not all wait for that.” Kyan rolled his eyes as he looked at Xander.
Xander just shrugged, it wasn’t his fault that the young Princess seemed to hate him. He never tried to make her mad, and yet..
Kyan smiled a little as he looked at the older man. It was only to obvious to him that his sister had a huge crush on the Doctor, but he knew she wouldn’t admit it to anyone, even to herself.  She was too stubborn for that, not to mention Xander was a handsome one, and ladies seemed to be drawn to him like bees to honey. Aya wouldn’t want to admit that she too had followed the crowd and fallen for him as well. Which was why she kept her distance and treated him with impatience and cold disdain. “Just give her some time, she will warm up to you. You were friends once.” He pointed out with a smile.
“Yes, but that was long ago, before..”
“Yes, before.” Kyan didn’t need to say anymore, they both knew exactly what he meant.
Both men fell silent for a moment, and before either one could speak again Gloria had come to the door. “She is all ready My Lords.” She said with a curtsey as she moved aside to let them through.
Kyan moved through the door to see his sister, now clean and clothed in her night clothes asleep in her bed. He sighed softly and sat down on Aya’s bed, he took a hold of her pale hand and looked up at Xander. “Now we wait?”
“Now we wait..”

Ayano let out a soft groan as she slowly opened her eyes. She felt like she had been run over by a horse and carriage, her entire body ached, places she didn’t even knew that she had were hurting. Even opening her eyes seemed to be a struggle for her. She looked around and gasped slightly as she saw Xander and Kyan in her room. Both were fast asleep in odd positions.
Xander was asleep in one of the chaise lounge chairs that were scattered across her room. He was lying on his stomach, his head was resting on one of his arms, while the other arm was lying at an odd angle on the floor, and his legs… well they were hanging over the end of the chair by about a foot.  She let out a soft giggle as she watched him, not only at his uncomfortable looking position but also because his mouth was open and soft snores were issuing from the open orifice.
Her head swung to look down at Kyan and she had to stiffle another giggle. Kyan was curled up at the end of her bed in a little ball. His head was near his knees, and his arms were above his head, like he was about to do a swan dive into the lake. She titled her head to the side a little, for snores were also coming from his mouth, but they were breathy and quiet.
She smiled a little and then let out a little cough to wake them up gently. She didn’t have to ask why they had been here in her room. She knew.
“Kyan.. Xander?” She said softly, her voice coming out in a soft croak instead of the soft musical voice she usually spoke in.
Her words had their desired effect, and both boys woke up with a start. Kyan started violently and took a swan dive off her bed and landed on the floor with a thump. “Owwww..” He groaned as he sat up blinking groggily, looking up at his sister who was watching him with amused eyes.
“You know, you could have asked Gloria to bring you two a cot.” Ayano said as she nodded to him and Xander who was rubbing his neck and stretching out his limbs gingerly.
“That might have been smart.” Xander said as he rubbed his arm, “My arm is asleep.. I think it has been for half the night.”
“That is nothing.. I think my back has frozen into this postion.” Kyan remarked as he attempted to straighten up.
Ayano smiled at them, and she shook her head. “Was I really so bad that you had to watch over me all night?”
“Well, perhaps not. But as your doctor I wanted to make sure you were okay.”
“Yes, and as your Brother I had to make sure you were alright as well.” Kyan grinned at her as he and Xander made their way to her bed and sat down on the edge of it. “How are you feeling Aya?”
“I’ve been better, every cell of my body aches and my head feels funny. But other than that.. I think I shall live.” She winced as she tried to stretch and she glanced over at Xander. “Right?” She asked him.
“Of course Princess, you will live to grace us all with your beautiful presence.”
Ayano made a face, “ Well that is good news, and how many times have I told you to not call me Princess?” She asked shaking her head. “And if I wanted compliments I would get them from my mass of admirers, not from you. I only want your professional opinion as my doctor.”
“As you wish Princess.”
“Well I am so glad to see that your temper has returned.” Kyan broke in on his sisters retort before she could finish it. He leaned over and rubbed her head gently. “We have all been worried about you, Xander as well. Cut him a little slack alright?” He asked with a smile, as he yawned. “Gracious, what is the time?” He asked as he rose from the bed and looked out of the window. The sun was high in the sky, shining down merrily on their little kingdom.
Aya sighed as she looked at her brothers back and she turned her head back to gaze at Xander. “I am sorry..” She said as she crossed her arms over her chest. “So Doctor, when can I get out of this bed?”
“How do you feel?”
Ayano opened her mouth and then closed it.
“Tell the truth Aya.” Kyan cautioned from his place at the window.
“I feel like I have been hit by lightening, every cell of my body hurts.” Ayano said truthfully as she looked up at Xander. “Am I going to be okay?”
“I was telling the truth before when I said you would be okay, I think you just need a few days rest and you will be as right as rain.” Xander smiled at her.
“A few days rest? And then I will be fine?” Ayano looked at Xander, making sure he was telling her the truth. “I want to make sure that I will be back to normal, with nothing weird happening to me like it did last night.”
Kyan turned from his spot near the window, and he shook his head. “Aya, you ask too much of Xander, he doesn’t know if you will be normal again. Its hard to tell if you are going to be normal, when you weren’t normal in the first place.” The boy smiled, and then his smile grew into a laugh as his sister stuck her tongue out at him.
“Very funny Ky.” Aya said as she shook her long mane of dark hair. “I mean, I don’t want to move from one spot to the other using only my mind.”
“I am afraid that I can’t promise that Princess, You got stuck by lightening, who knows what effects it may have had on you. When you feel better I want to explore your ability a little more fully, and see what you can do. This.. Might not be a bad thing.” Xander smiled down at the younger girl, and then stood. “Well, I have some patients to see today, apparently there is an outbreak of the sniffles this week.” He winked at the two of them and then strode towards the door. “I will be back later this afternoon, no moving from your bed, that is an order.” He smiled once more, and then turned and left the room.
“Out break of sniffles, indeed. Every eligible woman in the court is making up an excuse to go see him. I heard Lady Isla talk about it yesterday. I don’t know what they see in him, he isn’t at all handsome.”  Ayano shook her head in disgust and sighed.
Kyan just smiled, “Well, It has been cold out, perhaps they are actually sick.”
“Pffft, if they are sick than I am a rampaging tiger. I wish I was well, so I could go by his office and laugh at how pathetic they are all being.”  She shook her head once more, “Really its ridiculous, he is just a Doctor.. And common born at that.” She rolled her eyes.
“Of course, whoever strikes your fancy will be of much higher breeding.” Kyan said as he moved to sit next to his sister.
“He will be a prince.. Father wouldn’t have it any other way, and of course he will be from the farthest Kingdom there could be, so I will be out of Father’s way.” There was a bitter tinge to her voice and she laid back on her pile of pillows. “When is he getting back? Father that is.”
“Either today or tomorrow.” Kyan put his hand on his sister’s.
“Just enough time to heal then.” Aya said softly as she looked down at her right arm, which had a long angry looking scar on it. The ropy, twisted knot of skin ran from her shoulder, to her wrist. The scar looked like it was still healing in places and Ayano’s fingers gently traced over it.
Kyan looked down at the scar and he winced inwardly, it had taken all of Xanders skill to keep Ayano alive. “It will be okay, this time will be different.”
“That is what you say every time..” Aya said softly, as she ran her fingers down the bumpy ridge of tissue.
“Perhaps this time I might be right?” Kyan sighed softly, as he too stood. “Just rest for now Aya, and get better.” He said as he bent to kiss her forehead. “Night..” He said with a smile.
“Night..” Ayano said softly, as she closed her eyes and snuggled deep into her covers. She would worry about her Father returning later, but for now she would rest and try to heal.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Story :D

Since I am leaving all but one of my rp's, and am now in desperate need of finding a new hobby. I have begun a new story.

Here is the introduction for you all to enjoy.

The planet of Fryn was slightly unusual. It was founded by four people, all of whom had a love of a different season. For awhile, they were able to live in harmony, each member having their favorite season once a year. Soon, however their harmony was interrupted. Wynter was dying in the Summyr, for she just couldn’t take the heat. Alas Summyr was the same way during Wynter. And although Spyring and Autuymn were satisfied, they each longed for their own season all year round.

So they came up with a compromise. They were each take a fourth of the greatly forested planet and turn it into their own season. That way, each of the founders could survive and flourish.

Amazingly, this worked, and though the founders died off. The people of Fryn were happy with the way that their planet was. Centuries went on, and soon the magic that was part of Fryn was starting to wear off. The Kings of each land got together to hold a summit, and came up with only one logical answer. Their offspring would have to marry. Something that had never been done before. Their hope was to start a race of people that would be able to deal with the changing climates. But whose offspring was to marry who? Only one Kingdom had a daughter.. The Princess of Wynter, Crystal Glaycer. So it was decided. Crystal would marry one of the Princes, but which one?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It happens to me a lot now a days. Boredom.

I sit at the computer, watching.. waiting.. and still nothing happens.

Write.. I want to write.. but not by myself. I know what my characters will do.. I know how they will react..

I do not know the other person's mind. I don't know how their characters will act. Each post is a new surprise..

I want to write..

But the screen is void of people.. and it sits blankly tauting me..

Maybe soon someone will come on.. Maybe soon...

My thoughts taunt me as well...