Monday, November 22, 2010


The past few days it has been Snowing up here.

That is right.


Now anyone who knows me more than a slight acquaintance knows that I LOVE the Snow. I love it almost as much as writing, its so pretty, and white and cold and amazing. It makes everything look pretty. We drove by a Vacant lot yesterday that is usually covered in trash and graffiti, however with the Snow on it, it looked so beautiful. You couldn't see the trash. All you could see was a blanket of white.

It also made me think of the Christian life. It says that when we believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior, he washes us "White as Snow." So before, we were like that ugly vacant lot. Trash filled and full of graffiti. But after we believe in him, we are pure, beautiful in Gods eyes. No longer are we ugly, and the trash has gone from our lives. We are clean, washed as white as snow.

Snow is purifying, and so beautiful. It blankets everything in a white layer and makes everything look gorgeous and amazing. It is also very cold!! I have spent the last few days layered up because its freezing outside. Literally!

The only thing I don't like.. Driving home in the Snow! That was an adventure to say the least. There I was sitting in the car, the world of white was no longer pretty. No I saw it as the enemy trying to stop our attempts to make it home. We crawled along as I watched cars spin out, their tires spinning madly out of control as they tried to grip the icy road.

Thankfully we made it home safely, and once again the Snow was a friend, not an enemy. It was a beautiful white friend who had blanketed the world with its grace.

Ahhh I love the Snow!!!