Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So here I am sitting at work, taking my lunch break, and I have this.. incredible urge to write.
I either want to post, seeing as I have some awesome ideas for a few that I have, or I want to write a story.. Or something.

I want to create, to write, to make a story. But of course.. I can't at the moment as Work calls and I have no idea what a story would be about.

Though Posting would be fun as Well.. Ehh Wendy? :P

As for life..

Things are better.. I have been happier the past few days, and I think it is due to praying in the morning. God is taking care of me, and though I don't have any clue about his plan for us here. I am excited to find out.

Another thing that has been on my mind lately, is the subject of children. I have been around many pregnant women lately as well as Women who have small children, and while the children are adorable. I find myself again, not wanting to have any. I think of my life with Josh, and right now I am perfectly happy with it just being him and I and Kevin, and perhaps a puppy later on.

Its so odd really, seeing as before we moved I thought I could be pregnant and I was really excited about it. And disappointed that I wasn't.  Maybe now that I am up here.. and alone with Josh.. with no family or friends around, I am starting to think that wouldn't be an idea.

Perhaps I am not ready for one yet.. I am not sure. But I will continue to pray about this. Though, come to think of it. I am not quite sure why I was so scared about being pregnant. God wouldn't give me anything that I could not handle with his help and Josh's. And I am sure.. that I couldn't handle a baby at the moment.

Not to mention hearing stories about giving birth!! I wish there was a way where they could put me out totally and I could wake up with a Baby.. that would be helpful :D

Well, I gotta go.


  1. wow your talking about babies! talking about babies means your thinking about babies which is one step closer to actually having babies. It think that there is a bigger rap on having babies then there needs to be. I think having a baby is a beautiful thing. Women were made to have babies; we were specifically designed for the job.haha can you tell that I love babies? All of your blogs make me happy and give me something to do during work since we are not allowed to even look at our facebook accounts anymore. it's illegal. i wonder if facebook will be illegal some day. i smell food.

  2. and yes, i should come visit you =p