Friday, October 1, 2010

Blog # 2

Its Friday evening, and I am sitting here waiting for people to post and watching Josh clip his toenails.

Yes I know, I live such a crazy life don't I?

I really can't believe that it is already October. Where did the last month go? It seems like just yesterday that we moved up here and now.. We have been up here for about 3ish weeks or so.

My homesickness is still there, though at times it seems to be getting better. Other times it seems to be getting worse. Weekends are the hardest, because those would be the times where we would go out and see family and friends. Now.. there is no one to visit and.. I get sad. I miss people!

A bit of good news though, Josh and I want to come to Redding for Thanksgiving, so that is exciting! :D
I will get to see everyone hopefully, and then hope that Anneliese can do my hair when I am down there. (Cause I miss my A-line and my blue.. I miss my blue :D)

*sighs* Oh well, time to wrap this thing up, perhaps next blog I will have something more positive to say?

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