Thursday, June 28, 2012

Neon Dots!

Hello All,

Today I have another doticure for you! I hope you aren't tired of them yet, for they are quickly becoming my favorite type of nail art! Today I have for you, a neon dot manicure!

YAY! Who doesn't love neons? And this is a perfect way to rock some neons without having all of your nails Day Glo Orange or Bright Yellow. You could do this even as an accent nail, and still be on trend!

So I started this mani off with three coats of Icing's Dance in the Moonlight, but it was super sheer (though it did have a surprise for me later) so I put on one coat of Essie's Marshmallow over it, to get the white I wanted.

After that dried, I took Sinful's Summer Peach, (which by the way, is not peach it's a bright day glow orange) and Neon Melon (which is highlighter yellow) and China Glaze's Love's a Beach, I'm with the Lifeguard (which is the greatest neon green polish.. EVER) and Splish Splash (Which isn't a neon blue, but at least it is bright) and dotted them on my nails.

What do you all think?




This Picture I took out in the sun.. Look how insanely bright this was!

And remember the little surprise I said Dance in the moonlight had for me?? It GLOWED IN THE DARK!! It freaked me out when I turned off the lights and suddenly my nails were glowing!!! it didn't say anywhere on the bottle, but there it was.. Glowing! It had a super good glow as well! I didn't get any pictures of it though :( Next time!

Have a good day!!


  1. It reminds me of those old time dots candies! So cute! I might have to recreate this with those candies specifically in mind...

    1. I seriously didn't even see that! But I can see it now! :D