Friday, September 7, 2012

Random musings of a Munchy: Blogging, and what it means to me.

Hello All,

I am going to try this out, it's a time where I can, let loose with some of my thoughts and feelings, for I am first and foremost.. a writer. If you go back to the very beginning of this blog, you will see that this wasn't a nail blog at all. This was something I started to document as well as spill my feelings on my recent move up to  Washington with my husband.

It has been nearly two years since we moved up here and my life has made a drastic turn for the better since I started blogging. I got involved in a community again, and re-discovered my love for something I used to do as a teenager! I am totally kicking myself for throwing out some of the polishes I had back then as well, including an amazing Streetwear polish that I loved, and still think about to this day!

Blogging has also given me an opportunity to write as well, which is something I have loved to do since I was a teenager as well, maybe even younger.

Even though I love being part of the polish community.. it can be a bit.. catty. People fighting over nail polish, drama and scandals (ala Lynderella and some other indie makers) I don't like to get involved with drama, or even bring it up. I would rather stay away from blogging about it, and just focus on my nails, and my blog and keeping it a drama free zone.

However, some things have come to my attention, and I can't keep it quiet anymore. Hence why this post is getting written. After this post is over, I will not say another word about it.

Some bloggers, are of the mindset, that other bloggers can be seen as competition. And while, I admit I am not perfect and have seen a few blogs like this.. I am refusing to take this stance anymore.

The Blogging community should be a helpful place, brought together by our love of nail polish and writing. It shouldn't be a backstabbing, free for all, with every blogger for them-self! It seems to have become a place where you get ignored when you ask for help, because you are seen as competition.

Now do I want you to read my blog? Heck yes! But do I want you to read other people's blog?? Of course!! There are hundreds, if not thousands of amazing and talented women out there, and I would be an idiot for not recommending them! I could list at least 20 amazing blogs right off the bat, and could probably keep going for awhile! We should be able to read each others blogs and help each other grow.

It's not a competition, it's a community.

I myself am going to do the best I can to help out fellow bloggers.

And while I will still have a few rules: IE e-mailing me any questions, or your link for your blog, instead of posting it in a comment or on my Facebook wall. I still want to help!

Let's get this back to where it should be! Helping people doing what they love, and of course, nail polish!!

Who's with me?


  1. I agree. Well put and I wish everyone would feel this way.

  2. Love, love, love!! You are the best Thea! Thanks for saying what needs to be said!

  3. I truly appreciate what you have said. I am new to the nail blogging world and sometimes I can feel the competition. But I have to say for the most part I feel welcome.

    I don't know why it is when women get involved in a community there is always this mindset.

    I blog because I like it. I look at it as I will never please all the people...someone will always say something!!

    We should support each other in our love of nail polish and appreciate that there are others out there that enjoy the same things that we do.

    Thank you for allowing me to comment on this.

  4. Love this, Thea! Everyone has the right to be read and valued. Especially if they are working hard toward achieving something that means a lot to them! I believe that the polish community should forget the cattiness and achieve things together. If a blog isn't the best, offer some pointers, if it's amazing, offer praise. It's an online world, people have nothing to gain by being catty and rudely competitive.
    I enjoyed this post! Sorry for the baby essay. <3

  5. I'm not a blogger. I don't ever plan on being a blogger. I am, however, extremely thankful to have found such a warm, kind and supportive community. Thank you for all your time, effort, heart and soul you've poured into your blog and back into the community! ^5!

  6. I 100% agree with you! The internet is large enough for everyone!

  7. I agree. Kumbaya, everybody! :) :)

  8. I agree 100% :) I am like a babe in the woods on the whole nail blogging scene, so i don't know very many "more experienced" nail bloggers, but the ones I do know have been very nice and helpful so far.

  9. I love your post! We should all inspire each other and encourage each and every person to share what they really love.

  10. Well said!! It's really sad (to me, at any rate) that there IS drama in the nail polish community. I tend to stay away from it because I have enough drama outside of the NP community as it is! And I'm silly, because I think it's just the absolute best thing ever when a really awesome nail blogger comments on my comment :D

  11. I completely agree! There are a lot of great nail blogs out there, but I would never limit myself to just one. I like to see all the different colors and brands of polish. (I admit my budget limits me to Ulta, Target and drugstores.) And I love to see all the great nail art out there. Everyone has something to offer.