Monday, April 30, 2012

Glitter Bomb!!

Hello All,
I hope everyone is doing well and having  a good week! I am getting excited, my husband and I are taking a Vacation soon, and we get to go home, well, back to California where all of our friends and family are.. So I consider that home, instead of where we are now, Washington.

This mani is a new one for me, it's a Glitter Bomb!! I haven't done one yet, and what is a better way to kill off several untried's than to layer them over one another!! :D (I have wayy to many untried's at the moment! Over 30.. at least and more on the way!)

This is, (are you ready for this?) Two Coats of butterLondon's Bluey, one coat of Wet-n-Wilds Teal of Fortune, One coat of Ulta's Indigo-Go Girl, one coat of Icings Lemme See your Peacock and one coat of a holorgrapic sparkle that didn't have a name..






I love it though! I Hope you all do as well! 
Have a great day! :D 


  1. Stunning!! Might be a PITA to remove though O_o

    1. Oh believe me, it was horrible to take off! But it was worth it!

  2. How can you be concentrated with so much sparkle on your nails lol