Friday, May 18, 2012

Models Own Copper Pot and Indian Ocean

Hello All!!

Well for the next week and a half, or so.. I am going to be doing a series on the Models Own Beetlejuice collection! All eight polishes will be reviewed right here.

And to kick us off, here are two from the new Beetlejuice collection, Copper Pot and Indian Ocean! My husband picked out this combo for me, he said it reminded him of a golden ring with a diamond in it.. and it totally does!!

Copper Pot went on well, I didn't have any issues with the application and I think this is about three coats.. However I was a little disappointed by it.. For something called Copper Pot, I was expecting something.. Oh I don't know.. more.. coppery! This was pretty much gold. And there wasn't much of a copper shift in the sun.. Just gold...

Indian Ocean took.. 6.. Yes that is right.. 6 coats and it still wasn't opaque! I honestly don't know what would make it opaque. I am pretty sure you will have to layer it over something in order to not have the Visible Nail Line.. But.. it makes up for it sheerness.. Because it is gorgeous! It has a yellow shimmer to it, as well as bright pink shimmer, and then of course the blue! I seriously couldn't stop starting at my nails in the sun! So Shimmery!!





I hope you have a good day! :D

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