Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fun with Striping tape!

Hello All!

First let me preface this by saying that I don't have some epic mani that I spent hours on, it's a simple striping tape mani that I did a few weeks ago, simply because I got inspired!

And who inspired me?

This post from the Manicurator! Amazing isn't it?? I love her nails, and her swatches and her nail art and the Lady herself, Victoria is amazing! 

So for this mani, I used a base coat of aEngland's Perceval, which I had been wearing for a few days, and then taped off small sections on my nails using striping tape that I got from the Born Pretty Store!

After my fingers were all taped off, (it looked pretty funny mind you!) I used Gosh Holographic Hero and painted in the bottom and second from the top Square, I used butter London Fishwife for the third square and Milani's Black swift for the top!

Pretty nifty ehh? Also, a great way to get rid of untrieds!

I took off all the tape, topcoated and Voila! 





What do you all think? I liked it! :D I wore this for several days!

Let me know what you think!

Love and Red Pandas,


  1. I love how modern and sleek this is! It would be fun to do in holiday colors too, I bet! :)

  2. AAHH How cute, I came on your site today to get your link to put YOU in my post today and I found ME in your post :) I LOVE these. Great great color choices and thank you for the love and link <3

    1. Anytime!! Thank you for the link as well ^_^