Monday, December 3, 2012

Gosh Holographic Hero!

Hello All!

So, today I have a pretty special post for you. It's Gosh's Holographic Hero! Yes, I couldn't get the original  but I really like this one. And that is saying something for me.

Most of you know (or don't, but are going to find out soon) That I don't really like Holo's. Now before you grab your torch and pitchfork, hear me out! To see Holo's in their full glory you need sun. And I, as most of you know (Or don't, but soon will) live near Seattle, Washington, where, and I quote Sleepless in Seattle here "It rains nine months out of the year in Seattle." 

You see my problem? 

No sun, no amazing Holo's.. no glorious polishes! They all look rather bland in the shade which is sad!

However my outlook has been changing a bit, starting with the lovely butter London Holo's and now, I have this one, (And I just bought some of the Color Club Halo Hues, but it has been storming for the past week. boo)

And that brings us to this, Holographic Hero. 

It's an amazing silver linear Holo polish that goes on super well! I used two coats for the below pictures and no top coat! I tried to get as much of the Holo as I could! 








Isn't it amazing?? Guh!! So beautiful! What do you all think??

I hope you all have a great day!

Love and Red Pandas


  1. I dislike holos for the same reason. Except for me weather isn't the issue, I'm a third shift type of person >.<

  2. HA! I just got my first halo a few weeks ago, and I was disappointed until I realized that the reason why it didn't look all halo-y was that it wasn't sunny. I'm not ruling them all out quite yet either.

    1. Well when they are in the sun they are amazing!! So don't rule them out!