Wednesday, November 21, 2012

aEngland Perceval

Hello All!

I apologize for the lack in posts lately, the holiday season is really busy at my work, and it is just starting to pick up, so I am going to be pretty busy with that. I already feel stressed and our big day hasn't even happened! So, I hope all of you have been doing well? I missed blogging and doing my nails, but I've been so busy lately, everything seems to go by the wayside!

Yay for real life.

Anyways, onto the polish!

As you will see I have made a bit of a change here at Munchy's Nails, my pictures will now have a black background! Woo! I think it makes things look much cleaner.

Okay, today we have aEngland's Perceval which is a bight red shimmer. It's so beautiful! I usually don't like red, but this polish is such a stunner, and it went on amazing as well. Two easy coats and I was done!

Also look how long my nails were! (I cut them down a few weeks ago.) This is pretty much as long as they have ever been! I was so excited, until my ring finger nail broke and I had to chop them all down.





What do you all think of the black background?? And what do you think of this amazing polish? Breathtaking isn't it? Perfect for all those holiday parties! I hope you all have a great day! 

Love and Red Panda's



  1. Love the background! Love the polish!!

  2. This is such a lovely coloured nail varnish! xx

  3. Love this polish. if it didn't look like Kleancolor - Metallic red, I'd totally be buying right now. SO pretty.

    1. It would probably smell less horrible than Kleancolor!! And It is stunning!