Thursday, August 2, 2012

CND Swatches and Reviews

Hello All,

Today I have some CND Swatches for you.

Now they do something that is pretty cool, they sell creme polishes, and then they sell effect polishes that you put over the cremes to get a different look. Which I think is really cool, because you can either just wear the creme's alone, or use the effect on all of your nails, or on just a couple nails.. or however way you want really, the possibilities are endless.

I like choices and variety in my polish and CND really delivers that.

So I am going to be showing you the creme color on two fingers, and then what it looks like with an effect on the other two.. Sounds good right?? Good! So off we go!

This first polish is Eclectic Purple, which is a very nice purple creme. It definitely leans a bit to the pink side, but it is still an amazing color, and it went on in two coats! Two coats!! I have gotten used to using three coats on everything, but this was perfect in two. And it went on super smoothly and easily!

So, on my pointer and middle finger I have on Eclectic Purple alone, and then on my Ring finger and my little baby pinky finger, I have an effect over it, called Sapphire Sparkle, which is a really pretty blue sparkle effect. I think it went over the purple really nicely.





Next we have CND Green Scene. I love, love, love this green! I don't quite have anything like it, it's a good basic color crayon green creme that went on like a dream! This too was only two coats. I have Green Scene on my pointed and middle finger, and then Gold Shimmer effect over it on my ring finger and my pinky..

I loved this combination, and I hope you do too!





Beautiful isn't it? 

Be sure to visit CND at their website here, and pick up a few of these amazing cremes and effect!

I hope you have a good day!


**These products were sent to me for review, all opinions expressed are my own honest thoughts. 

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  1. Loving Green Scene with the gold effect over it!