Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A England St George: Swatches and Review

Good Morning All,
I hope you are all have a great week? Enjoying all the sunshine? It is actually sunny here in the rainy northwest! It is supposed to get up to 93 on Friday and there is a "severe heat advisory" for us... So there's that.

And what is the perfect nail polish for this sunny weather? Why holo's of course!

Today I have for you the most amazing teal polish in the world... Ever!

Behold! a England's St George! Now this polish, along with a few of it's brothers and sisters have been on my lemming list since before I started my blog! Yeah, it has been there for nearly six months, or more! I just never got around to buying it. However, July was my month in my birthday club, and the lovely Jessica from Beauty Gnome, sent this lovely baby to me!! I was seriously squealing for joy when I saw it!

This polish was amazing! it is super pigmented and It went on well in one coat! however, I put two on.. just in case. It's so beautiful, the holo is very subtle.. and it gives this color a gorgeous pop when it is in the sun!

The below pictures are two coats of St. George, and one coat of Dazzle Dry Top Coat!





Super amazing isn't it?? I wore this for a week straight! And I never do that!!

You can find this polish at The a-England's Website, Overall Beauty, Ninja Polish, and Llarowe.. That is all of I know of right now. There might be more!

Would you wear this amazing polish??

Let me know! I love Comments!