Monday, October 22, 2012

KBShimmer Party!

Hello All,

I have another KBShimmer polish to show you today. I seriously can not get enough of her polishes, and I know that I will be buying several more of her new collection! Which is seriously sad, because.. I have so many untried's sitting on my nail polish rack!

Oh well!

Let me introduce you to Party!

This is a beautiful white based polish with multicolored glitters as well as some red and blue square glitters as well! Who doesn't love a good square glitter??

The below pictures are 3 coats of party and one coat of Dazzle Dry Top coat to make everything smooth and shiny...

Also.. can we say YAY? I got myself a lightbox!! :D Hence why the pictures looks so light and amazing! It's super big and clunky though, so it only comes out on special swatching occasions!




Amazing isn't it??? Be sure to check out KBShimmer at her website! Are you going to snatch up Party??

Hope you all have a great week!
Love and Red Pandas

* This polish was sent to me for review: All opinions are my own personal thoughts and feelings.