Monday, July 23, 2012

Zoya Designer Collection, Swatches and Review!

Hello All,

I know you have probably seen these swatches all over the blogisphere.. But now it is my turn to shower you  with swatches of these amazing Zoya Fall Collections! Today I have for you the Designer collection, which is full of rich and deep creams!

Who doesn't love a good cream? Let's jump in shall we?

First up we have:


(A Blood Red Cream from the Bibhu Mohapatra Collection)
Now, I don't normally go for Red's, but this color was super pretty. It's a bright red cream that goes on smoothly and wonderfully. Be careful when painting your nails though, any mistakes will stain your fingers!
The above picture is two coats.

(Dark Maroon Cream)
When I first put this color on, I actually wan't too impressed, I thought it was a bit too dark for me. But as I kept on wearing it, I kept looking down at my nails and really liking what I was seeing. I almost felt, sophisticated wearing this polish. This is a nice dark cream color, it's darker in real life, and less pink. My camera freaked out a bit when it saw it!
This was 3 coats of Toni, and I had no trouble at all with the application

(Dark Mulberry Purple Creme)
This was an okay color to me, it's not a bad color, it just doesn't do much for me! I am not really a purple fan! The application was good though, this was 3 easy coats of Monica.

(A Smoked Navy Blue Cream)
Smoked is right, I usually love blues, they are my favorite color of nail polish, but I don't really care for dusty colors. And this one was straight up dusty! It was a nice slate blue, but it's not for me! 
The application was great though, as it has been with all the Designer collection! This was three easy coats of Natty.

(Evergreen Green Cream, A Peter Som custom shade)
Am I the only one who thinks of the Pokemon Eevee when I see this name? Okay, so maybe I am alone in that, but this didn't seem like an evergreen cream to me.. It was more like a grayed out green color.. It is in fact super close to Noot, which is the last in the Designer collection, (But certainly not least!) This was okay to me, good application, 2 coats.. but a little to dusty for my taste. 


(Charcoal Green Gray Cream)
I am not so sure about the green, but I did get the deep gray on my nails! Which I Loved! I wasn't expecting to love this color, but I did! It's light enough to not be black, but still dark enough to be a good fall color, I wore this one for two days! It had a great application and went on in three easy coats..

So, there you have it, the Designer Collection! My Favorites were Rekha, Toni and Noot! 

Tell me what are your favorites from this collection?? 

This is available now at for $8.00 a bottle! Which ones will you be snatching up?? 

Stay tuned for the Gloss and Diva Collection!

*These products were sent to me for review, all opinions expressed are my own honest thoughts. 

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