Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sally Hansen's Calypso Blue

Hello All!

So this nail polish has been sitting in my untried's now for about two months! I saw it in CVS while I was on vacation, picked it up, brought it home.. stuck in on my untried shelf, and let it collect dust.

I picked it up a few days ago, put it one and looked at it.. Why in the world was this is my untried's for so long? It's so beautiful! It's such a gorgeous bright blue with a lighter aqua/green shimmer!

I seriously put this on and was just staring at my nails! I almost didn't want to put any nail art over it like I had planned, (I did anyways, but that is for a later post!) I am not sure if this is still in stores, but if it is, you need to run to Walgreens or CVS and pick this baby up!

The below pictures is three coats of Sally Hansen's Calypso Blue, and one coat of the amazing Dazzle Dry Top Coat! It went on well, the application was pretty smooth, the only complaint I had was the huge brush! I have tiny nails.. Tiny nails and large brushes don't mix well, but for this polish I made an exception.. wouldn't you?


So pretty!!! What do you all think? Do you have an untried that surprised you? Let me know!

Have a great day!


  1. Gorgeous! I have soooo many untrieds I need to get to!

    1. I know right? So pretty! And I do too!

  2. that is a gorgeous color!! I have a similar blue from Spoiled, but it's not *quite* as nice as this one!