Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Hunger Games have arrived!

Well, they have in my house at least.. the nail polishes that is! :D To be honest I have never read the books.. they seem a little.. violent to me!
I ordered them from Sally Beauty last week, and they got in last night!! I am so excited! Here is what came in my package!

From Left to Right: Orly's Sweet Tart,(a seriously beautiful Jelly, yes I know it's not a hunger game polish.. I needed an extra polish to bump me up for a discount!) China Glaze: Riveting, Harvest Moon, Luxe and Lush, Agro and Stone Cold!  And my lovely napkin that I use as the background for my pictures! :D hehe.

So once I got the package, I took my other nail polish off, and put one of each color on each of my fingers to try and decide what colors I should paint my nails.. With the help of my husband, I decided to go with Riveting, A beautiful Orange Jelly like polish with some amazing Flecks in it. And Stone Cold, the matte of the collection, a black with a silver shimmer.

To me they looked like Fire and ashes!

So.. I used one coat of Stone Cold on my Thumb, Middle Finger and Pinky, and then put a coat of SV over them, seeing as I wanted them shiny for this mani! And then I put three coats of Riveting on my Pointer and Ring Finger.. and then added a coat of SV..

And Tada!!

So Pretty!!! What are your favorite Hunger games polishes??

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