Monday, January 30, 2012

How am I suppose to Polish with no air?

Okay.. so the Title is based on a Song.. "No Air" Glee does an amazing cover on it..

Anyways.. I hope everyone had an amazing weekend? Mine was alright. I wasn't able to find Finger Paints: Twisted, or Essie's Matte About You! I guess that is why they are on my wish list! I  might have to nudge my husband over to that list.. Maybe he could find them for me, for some sort of present!! Hehe!
Anyways, onto the nails..

So this mani.. started out pretty disappointing. I started out with two coats of Sally Hansen's Smooth and Perfect in Air (See.. the title makes sense now eh? :))This polish was not smooth, nor was it perfect.. In fact it was rather thick and super goopy and really hard to work with! Not to mention, it has a big old brush..I have small hands, and small hands equal.. Tiny nails! That big brush covered almost my whole nail! It was a pain!

And finally.. the color.. It was such a pretty blue in the bottle.. and ended up looking all.. white.. on my nails..

So.. I decided to improve it a little!

I used two coats of Pure Ice's Oh Baby! It's a blue shimmer, that is amazingly pretty, and then I used Pro's (I am not sure what the full name of it is.. I got it in Sally's.) in Opal. It's a pretty glitter..

I was super happy with the final result! Though the pictures didn't want to show the shimmers! <_<
It looks much better on! I promise you!

Have a great Day!


  1. Did you ever make it to Ulta? I ask because I found Matte About You at the Ulta near me last week (in Lynnwood). So excited to use it! I've used it on my color wheel a couple of times and it looks super fun.

    1. No I actually I never made it back to Ulta after failing the first time! I think I am going to try to go this weekend! To the one in Tukwila.. It's the closest to me. I am really excited to use it too!