Friday, January 27, 2012

Blue Shield! :D

Sooo, here is what I hope is an original mani.. I haven't traversed that many blogs.. but the ones I have.. I haven't seen this.
I call it.. The Shield!!
During Christmas, I used this design for a "present" but after I was done.. it just looked like a Shield to me.. So, the Shield mani was born! 

For this I used Sally Hansen's Insta Dr in Blue-Away and China Glaze's FrostBite!

Please forgive my pinky nail.. The tape I used was a little thin.. and it broke :(

I hope you all have a great weekend! I am going to attempt to go to Ulta again! We will see how that goes! :D
Also, I have a question to ask of you.. Does anyone know of a good Orange Creme? I need it for a design I have in mind, but the oranges I have are super sheer.. and I need a good opaque orange! Let me know if you know of any.
Munchy :D

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  1. Cute!

    I've been using Essence Colour & Go in Wake Up! For a good opaque orange. It's a mini and it's usually 99 cents, though I found it on sale at Fred Meyer for 50 (bargains! yaaaay!) It's also a very red orange, but I've had no problems blending it with yellow. Ulta carries it and should have it if you want to pick it up when you go there =)