Monday, January 23, 2012

A disappointing outing, and Zoya Trifecta :D

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Life has been a bit crazy, but thankfully the Christmas rush at work is over, and things are starting to calm down..
A little bit at least!

So, in the world of Nail blogging, it seems like the Store ULTA, is just about the Mecca of Nail Polish stores, all the happy fun nail polish stuff goes on there. And the closest Ulta to me is about a half an hour away. So last night, Josh and I decided to head up I-5 to Tukwila and go to Ulta. We found the store, and got there... right as it was closing!!!

Fully Lame!! I was soo disappointed! But at least I got to look at it. *sighs* Hopefully soon we will be able to go back up when they are actually open!

Anyways! Onto the nails! I recently bought a few nail polished at Zoya, and they all came in a few days ago, during our Epic Snowstorm, and since I couldn't decide which one to wear, I did.. all three!

Here is Allegra, Ivanka and Charla :D Allegra is the pink, Ivanka is the Green, and Charla is the Blue.

Pretty Eh? I did about 3 coats of Allegra, and then put on a top coat, let that dry, taped off my nails, put on a coat of Ivanka, put a top coat over that.. tapes off my tips and put on Charla! :D
Hope you all have a good day! 


  1. Cute mani! The colors are all great, but I love Ivanka =)

    I saw your interview with Jen on her blog and went to check your stuff out. I got to this post and I was like, "No way!" I was actually at the Ulta in Tukwila on Sunday too for the first time, about an hour before they closed! Small world =P

    1. Haha! It is a small world! I got there right as they were locking up! I like Ivanka as well but I think Alegra is my favorite of the bunch.. Even though I bought it for charla!