Saturday, October 16, 2010

Concerning Bears.

*clears throat*
Hmm Hmm.. Okay. So Beary, wants to write a blog post. He saw me doing it, and he thought it would be pretty fun. So.. without further adieu .. Here he is :

Hai! I am Beary Jeffers, I am nine months old and have two awesome parents.

Mommy writes in this thing a lot. So I thought I would try (with her help of course). First of all, I must start out by saying.. HONEY IS AWESOME!!! Everyone should go and try some, but not too much otherwise there won't be any left for me! *giggles*

So I am going to this awesome bear school, to learn how to be a big and feriocous , umm very scary bear! Yeah! And it is so awesome! We have learned about Bear history, and Bear literature, and now we are learning about bears in the media. We got to watch Pooh Bear last week, and soon My teacher says we get to watch Care Bears! I am so excited. I have some great friends, theyre names are Blackbeary and Bluebeary, and a few weeks ago they came over to my house for a sleepover.

It was so great! Mommy made us honey pancakes, and we watched some more Pooh Bear, and we stayed up late trying to put honey in Kevin's fur.. Though Mommy caught us.. but it was still fun! I went over to Blackbearies house last week.. but I got scared and had to come home half way through the night. Daddy had to come and get me. I was a lil embarrassed but Mommy and Daddy were awesome about it, and Mommy said she missed me, so she was glad I came home.

I have an awesome Mommy and Daddy. Daddy helps me wif my bear homework. Especially the Math problems. I don't like taking honey away from things.  But I like adding honey! More honey is always better than less honey. And Yesterday, They said it was "Take your bear to work day." So I went wif them to work. It was so awesome! I helped Daddy pick products to send to people, and I helped Mommy answer e-mails from people with questions about Honey!

I have to say a lil about Kev Kev. She can be annoying and she bites toooo hard but a few days ago when I was sick wif a Bear cold and my Bear tummy hurt, she was so nice to me. She even caught me a fish for breakfast and made me laugh. So.. she is not all bad. I still would have liked to put honey in her fur.

Well.. I am going to go now, I have lots of Bear homework to do, since I missed two days of Bear school.

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