Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Story :D

Since I am leaving all but one of my rp's, and am now in desperate need of finding a new hobby. I have begun a new story.

Here is the introduction for you all to enjoy.

The planet of Fryn was slightly unusual. It was founded by four people, all of whom had a love of a different season. For awhile, they were able to live in harmony, each member having their favorite season once a year. Soon, however their harmony was interrupted. Wynter was dying in the Summyr, for she just couldn’t take the heat. Alas Summyr was the same way during Wynter. And although Spyring and Autuymn were satisfied, they each longed for their own season all year round.

So they came up with a compromise. They were each take a fourth of the greatly forested planet and turn it into their own season. That way, each of the founders could survive and flourish.

Amazingly, this worked, and though the founders died off. The people of Fryn were happy with the way that their planet was. Centuries went on, and soon the magic that was part of Fryn was starting to wear off. The Kings of each land got together to hold a summit, and came up with only one logical answer. Their offspring would have to marry. Something that had never been done before. Their hope was to start a race of people that would be able to deal with the changing climates. But whose offspring was to marry who? Only one Kingdom had a daughter.. The Princess of Wynter, Crystal Glaycer. So it was decided. Crystal would marry one of the Princes, but which one?

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  1. I love your creativity. It bounds and leaps through every one of your stories